Dear Madames,

Dear Sirs,


We hereby confirm Ralc Italia’s irrevocable decision not to take part in the Wire & Tube exhibition 2020.


As historical exhibitor at the Tube Show, Ralc Italia took this hard decision after a deep analysis of the current world wide situation.


We are convinced that in this moment we should share the commitment of protecting human health as the utmost priority, as safety is the basis of our future lives, economies and companies.


The choice of postponing such an important event in a moment where everybody would have had the possibility of expressing its potential at best to a high number of serene visitors, as it should be for an event which also represents an important economic investment, would have been an act of responsibility and transnational cooperation. 


Ralc Italia will be pleased to create and invent new ways to be in contact with its customers and prospect, as this experience taught us that everything is possible with engagement and will. 


Of course, we wish all the best to our colleagues who will decide to take part in the exhibition, as we understand that this is a personal decision and any position deserves our maximum respect.


Ralc Italia will surely attend the Tube 2022, when, we all hope, the COVID experience will only be a memory.



Ralc Italia Srl


Andrea Lazzarini